Interest in Polled Brahman cattle has increased in recent years. At San Miguel Cattle Company, our grey Brahman gene pool has always contained a few maternal lines that exhibited the polled gene. When LV Marblehead 69 (P) was born it was obvious that he was a herd sire and polled. We began to look more closely at the polled condition and its advantages.

LV Marblehead 69 (P) has made changes. The need to dehorn has been reduced; a significant saving in time and dollars. Calves are not set back by the stress of dehorning. Yes, there are still horns, but 50% of Marblehead’s offspring are polled. His polled sons are now being used in our program and his semen has been used on three continents. Take a look at his pedigree. His bloodlines combine some of the best in the Brahman breed with a polled line that offers more genetic diversity to polled breeding.

LV Marblehead 69 (P) semen is available through Brushy Creek Custom Sires.

San Miguel Cattle Company acquired DB Southern Style 834/0 (S) from Detering Brothers to introduce the polled gene to the red herd. His calves are showing real promise. Through the use of AI to other carefully selected polled lines, both red and grey, we are building a solid base of polled animals.