Fertile, functional, feminine…that describes San Miguel Cattle Company Brahman females.

A healthy weaned calf is the momma cow’s product. A cow that can’t do that every year doesn’t fit our program. San Miguel females do their job on available forage, a minimum of supplemental feed and in a short breeding season. That is fertility.

A cow must fit her environment to function well. Size does matter. Grazing conditions are not always ideal for large cattle. Our moderate size cows have a definite advantage in tough pasture conditions. Good legs and feet contribute to the ability of a cow to utilize her environment.

The femininity of our females is exhibited in mothering ability, clean udders and calves that stand up and suck without assistance.

Temperament is another important trait in San Miguel Brahman females. It is part genetics, part handling. We have selected for gentle cows over many years and continue to handle cattle in a manner that keeps them gentle and easy to handle.