San Miguel Cattle Company’s LV brand was first registered in Williamson County, Texas, nearly 150 years ago, and we are proud to use the brand and continue the tradition.

San Miguel Cattle Company began using that brand on registered Brahman cattle in 1979 on the Persimmon Gap Ranch in Brewster County.  West Texas can be difficult cattle country – cattle have to be survivors.  Females must have strong maternal instincts with the ability to raise a calf on short rations and long walks to water.  Tough conditions defined this herd in its early years.  Today they are a reminder that cattle must fit the country.

In 2002 San Miguel Cattle Company transitioned to Willow Wallow Farm in Wilson County, 40 miles southeast of San Antonio.  The grass is greener but the same selection criteria apply.  The emphasis is on reproductive efficiency, good udders, gentle temperament, and balanced, moderate conformation. These are cattle that fit the country.


The pedigrees of the red herd contain the names of many well-known sires, as well as home-raised bulls that have never visited a show ring, but made their influence felt in the San Miguel red herd.  These cattle speak for themselves… fertile, good udders, docile, and easy on the eye.


The grey herd is composed of elegant, functional cattle that represent the breed standard.  Continuous selection for market traits allows them to fit into any purebred or crossbreeding program.