Whether you are looking for a BRAHMAN herd sire, some gentle BRAHMAN females, or a new polled line of BRAHMAN cattle we would like to try to fill your needs. At San Miguel Cattle Company we have both Red Brahman and Grey Brahman cattle. Our bloodlines incorporate some of the great bulls of the Brahman breed. Our mother cows have royal BRAHMAN pedigrees, but live un-pampered lives and produce consistently good BRAHMAN calves. The focus of our breeding program is beef, supported by function, fertility, and gentle dispositions. We use both POLLED BRAHMAN genetics as well as HORNED BRAHMAN genetics.

San Miguel Cattle Company has maintained herds of both RED BRAHMAN and GREY BRAHMAN cattle since 1979. You will find the influence from some of the finest Brahman breeders in our pedigrees, as well as the consistency that comes from years of culling and selective breeding for great BRAHMAN cattle

Good BRAHMAN cattle are appreciated across the globe. Good BRAHMAN breeders have spread these great AMERICAN BRAHMAN genetics worldwide. The internet provides a valuable tool to inspect these herds. We invite you to learn more about our herd through this website.

The cattle are located at Willow Wallow Farm in eastern Wilson County, Texas, between Nixon and Stockdale, less than an hour from San Antonio’s International Airport. Visitors are always welcome!